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Cubed Creative is able to offer some of the most advanced large format printing services. We work hard with clients in producing high quality prints at great prices. With Large Format Printing attention to detail and quality is key.


This is why Cubed Creative focuses on providing the best large format prints possible. Our colours are vibrant, our media is tough, and our prints look great.


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Whether you need a single duratrans print for your restaurant or dozens to launch products our duratrans printing service (short for Durable Transparency) or Backlit Transparencie posters are available in any size up to 60" wide images and graphics printed athigh quality 1440dpi on to a translucent polyester film material with a ultra-white diffusing layer allows reverse print onto the matt side leaving a glossy finish which is designed to be lit from behind, adding real depth and life to the image.

They make outstanding displays in any environment and can often be seen in diverse areas from fast food restaurants to corporate reception areas, trade exhibitions, airports, even television and movie sets.

Outstanding, true continuous tone photographic reproduction using our large format printer ensures your images and graphics are faithfully reproduced with superb sharpness, colour saturation and an overall image quality.

Your Backlit Transparencies or Duratrans print can be produced from your digital files supplied and our expertise ensures the highest quality backlit graphics and displays available.


Duratrans Printing Display Applications:

Airports, Advertisments, Hotels, Retail Displays, Jewelry Stores, Casino, Movie Theaters, Mall Kiosks, Fashion, Fine Art


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